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About Our Fabrics

About Our Fabrics

Fabrics used for our products include cotton, nylon and polyester containing 30-5% spandex

Cotton- Hydrophilic

Pros: Soft, durable and breathable when dry.

Cons: Low elasticity, which can cause it to lose its shape over time. Not breathable when wet because it retains water

Solution: Adding spandex to cotton would help make the fabric elastic.

Polyester- Hydrophobic

Pros- Durable, water-resistant,sweat wicking, breathable and wrinkle resistant

Cons: It harbours sweat and smell,

Solution: Polyester fabric with antimicrobial treatment.


Pros: It is stretchy and fits snugly on the day body. Spandex is also breathable, moisture wicking, and quick drying.

Cons: 100% spandex fabric is very sticky and as a result it is not very breathable.

Solution: A percentage of spandex mixed with other activewear fabric.


Pros: It is durable, soft, lightweight, elastic, breathable and wicks sweat to the surface where it dries easily.

Cons: Traps heat and sweat against the body. Also, it may wrinkle under high heat.

Solution: adding spandex to nylon makes it stretchy

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