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Terms and Conditions Applicable to Heczibah Group Electronic Gift Cards

Heczibah Group Incorporated offer electronic Heczibah Gift Card that can be redeemed for the purchase at www. unless otherwise indicated on the Gift Card or in these Terms and Conditions.

Purchasing a Gift Card:

  • Gift Cards can be purchased online at
  • Gift Cards must be purchased in Canadian dollars.
  • Gift Cards purchased online may be paid for with a valid Mastercard or VISA credit card. Heczibah reserves the right to change the permitted methods of payment, including without limitation, the credit cards Heczibah is able to accept, at any time.
  • All Gift Card sales are final. You cannot cancel an online order once it has been paid for.
  • Gift Card purchases will only be shipped to a valid mailing address within Canada.
  • Electronic Gift Cards will be emailed to the indicated recipient on the date specified in the online order.
  • Heczibah reserves the right to hold, suspend, cancel or refuse an order for which fraud, a violation of these Terms and Conditions, or a security risk is suspected. If your order is affected, you will be notified via email.
  • Heczibah Group Incorporated is not responsible for Gift Cards that are not delivered or not received due to inaccurate delivery information.
  • By making an online purchase of a Gift Card, you represent and warrant to Heczibah Group Incorporated as follows:
    • You are responsible for the accuracy of all information that you provide to Heczibah;
    • For electronic Gift Cards to be delivered to any person other than yourself, you have a personal or family relationship with the Gift Card recipient as described in Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (“CASL”), and you have the full and complete authority and consent of the Gift Card recipient to provide the recipient’s name and email address to Heczibah or its third-party service providers for the purposes of fulfilling an electronic Gift Card order;
    • You acknowledge that your name, email address and phone number may be shared with third-party service providers and/or the electronic Gift Card recipient in order for Heczibah or its third-party service providers to fulfill the electronic Gift Card order and you give Heczibah or its third-party service providers the authority and consent to do so;
    • You are not breaching any contract, duty or law or infringing anyone’s intellectual property, privacy or other legal rights.

Redeeming a Gift Card

  • Gift Cards cannot be replaced if already redeemed.
  • Gift Card cannot be used to cover shipping cost
  • The full stored value of the Gift Card will be applied to the total eligible amount of your online purchase. Any unused portion will remain on the Gift Card and can be applied towards future in-store purchases.

Gift Card Balance Inquiry

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Gift Cards

  • Gift Cards cannot be recovered or replaced if lost or stolen.
  • If you ordered an electronic Gift Card online and the intended recipient has not received the electronic Gift Card, ask them to check their junk mail or deleted items. If they still have not received it, please contact us by emailing If the electronic Gift Card has not been redeemed, we can cancel the Gift Card and re-issue the electronic Gift Card.

Refunds on Redeemed Gift Cards

  • If you return your online store purchase that you paid for using a Gift Card, Heczibah will issue you a refund on the same Gift Card or issue you a new Gift Card with the refund amount.
  • If you split payment between Gift Cards, the refund is based on what portion of the transaction was billed in each Gift Card.

Personalized Messaging

  • If you wish to add a personal message to an online order, you may do so in the appropriate order field. Personal messages are limited in length.
  • There is no additional charge to include a personalized message.
  • While Heczibah does not, and has no legal obligation to, review every gift message, Heczibah Group Incorporated reserves the right to cancel or omit inappropriate, offensive or otherwise objectionable messages. Heczibah assumes no responsibility or liability arising from any personal message included with an order.

Canceling or Refusing a Gift Card

  • Heczibah reserves the right to cancel or refuse a Gift Card associated with an unauthorized transaction at any time.

General Terms

  • Heczibah reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time in its sole discretion. You agree to accept any changes as a condition of your maintaining or continuing to use the Gift Cards.
  • The use of any Heczibah trademarks or logos in connection with the purchase and/or use of the Gift Cards or for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.
  • Gift Cards cannot be used in a manner that is indecent or illegal, or negatively impacts Heczibah, its brands, its reputation or goodwill.


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