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Elmina High Rise Capri

5.00 out of 5
1 review(s)
(1 customer review)
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Product Features: High Rise Capri

Fabric Details: 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex



WOMEN (centimeters)

Size waist Hip Chest Inseam length
XS 64 89 81 81-84
S 69 94 86
M 74 99 91
L 79 105 98
XL 84 116 108
MEN (centimeters)
Size waist Hip Chest Inseam length
XS 71 86 84 86cm
S 76 91 100
M 81 96 105
L 89 104 110
XL 96 112 118


Women in inches

Size waist Hip Chest Inseam length
XS 25 35 32 32
S 27 37 34
M 74 40 36
L 29 42 39
XL 33 46 43
MEN (inches)
Size waist Hip Chest Inseam length
XS 28 34 33 34cm
S 30 36 39
M 32 38 41
L 35 41 43
XL 78 44 46


Measurement Guide


Pass a measuring tape across the fullest part of your chest in front, and over your shoulder blades at the back. Ensure that the tape is perfectly aligned horizontally and that your arms are positioned by your sides to get a correct measurement.


Place the tip of the measuring tape at your nape and pass it across the your shoulder and all the way down to your wrist.


Pass the tape around the smallest part of your abdomen, which will typically be right atop your belly button.


Stand straight with your feet together, and pass the tape around widest part of your hips making sure you get the fullest part of your buttocks. This will be about 8 inches down from your belly button.


Place the tape along the medial facing part of your leg, and measure vertically down from your crotch to your desired pant length.

Product Care instructions

• Wash with cold water on a gentle cycle
• Avoid using bleach, fabric softener and hard detergent
• Do not iron
• Dry with low heat or skip the drier altogether.

1 review for Elmina High Rise Capri

  1. Josephine Adeosun
    5 out of 5

    Josephine Adeosun:

    They looked small when i first got them, i was worried it wouldn’t fit. but it fit so well. The pants literally hold up everything, including that belly lol

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